128 years of experience in silk spinning

Swiss Mountain Silk

SWISS MOUNTAIN SILK is our worldwide protected trade mark for all Spun Silk Yarns and Silk Blends coming from Camenzind+Co. AG. SWISS MOUNTAIN SILK stands for:


Made in Switzerland
All our products are to 100% produced in Switzerland and have Swiss Origin according to the Swiss customs administration.
Water Power
Environment + Energy
We produce energy from our own hydroelectric power plant. This allows us to save around 100 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Quality at the highest level
Our yarns are produced only from raw materials of the first quality. The raw materials are carefully selected according to our own quality criteria and then used in our production accordingly.
Oekotex Standard 100
A large proportion of our yarns are certified according to Oekotex Standard 100, Class I (for Babies).


We produce 2.5 nm to 300 nm 100% silk yarns. In our mixed yarns we mix the silk with other natural fibres such as cashmere, wool, baby camel, alpaca, cotton, linen, etc. 


We have 125 years of experience in the production of raw silk and 60 years of experience in blending silk with other natural fibres. 

From the silk worm to the yarn

Silk is often praised, and justifiably so, as the queen of all textile fibers and a natural wonder. No other clothing raw material has so many fine qualities.  Silk is elegant, fine, precious and smooth. Silk fabrics create that pleasant coziness that makes people feel good; properties that also optimally fulfill the highest clothing demands of our bodies


Space Dyed

Special dying for a customer

New winding machine

New SSM winding machine is in operation


Repair of water supply to the water castle of the hydropower plant as this is endangered by a landslide.